KFC Released A Donut Fried Chicken Sandwich & Now Popeyes Is Giving Theirs Away For Free

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KFC Released A Donut Fried Chicken Sandwich & Now Popeyes Is Giving Theirs Away For Free

The infamous fried chicken sandwich debate continues into 2020…

Just when you thought all that fried chicken sandwich drama was water under the bridge, two of the biggest competitors in the game have popped back onto our radar reminding fellow FCS enthusiasts that it’s never truly over.

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The Colonel and KFC are combining two household favorites: Kentucky Fried Chicken and Donuts! Yup, a delicious crispy chicken filet will be sandwiched between two perfectly glazed donuts; but if blending polar flavors isn’t your style, you can order the two separately. Expect to see the sweet and salty fast food duo hit menus nationwide within the next week. Angelenos will even be graced with a delicious pop-up shop for one day only on Saturday, February 22 — the first 50 customers in line at the shop will receive a free “Colonel’s Dozen” which includes six KFC extra crispy chicken tenders and six glazed-to-order donuts.

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It’s not surprising to see the Popeyes is contributing their own dose of gift-giving amid all the sweet-meets-salty chaos. The Lousiana fried chicken chain is teaming up with Postmates to celebrate this year’s ‘extra day’ by offering a special leap year deal. Every person who orders at least $15 dollars worth of food from February 24 through February 28 will receive a code for a free chicken on February 29!

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It’s looking a chicken sandwich comeback this month, and to be honest, we’re not mad at it one bit…

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