L.A. County To Mail Ballots To All Registered Voters For The November Election

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

LA Vote

All registered L.A. County voters will receive ballots by mail ahead of the general election in November.

In a unanimous vote, L.A. County Supervisors have agreed to a mail-in ballot model. The motion by Supervisors Janice Hahn and Sheila Kuehl entails printing and sending ballots to all 5.4 million L.A. voters in time for the presidential election.

The proposal is aimed at mitigating the impacts of the virus and will avoid the need for long files of people spaced 6-feet apart. The motion states “Voting is a right that should not come at the cost of being exposed to this virus.”

Typically, voters would need to request the option to vote by mail but given the current state-wide order, in-person voting would pose greater health risks and a large investment of resources to ensure voter’s safety.

Based on the California Elections Code, Los Angeles County would need to send in-mail ballots to all registered voters before 2024.

While the social distancing requirements are set to expire on May 15, there is still a chance that may be extended.  health experts have warned of lifting restrictions prematurely and causing spikes in cases.

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