L.A. Is Giving Away Free Trees In Hopes To Bring Nearly 90,000 New Plants To The City

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

L.A. Is Giving Away Free Trees In Hopes To Bring Nearly 90,000 New Plants To The City

Angelenos can help plant thousands of trees!

When you think of life in the city, you don’t generally think of fields of green. A company called City Plants wants to help change that perspective and they’ve only got two years to make it happen!

L.A.’s Green New Deal to plant 90,000 trees around our urban dessert won’t only benefit the ecosystem; local residents will also have the chance to score free foliage. The city is offering to give residents up to seven free yard/street trees, ranging from over two dozen species like crape myrtles and silk floss trees!

The non-profit encourages families and friends to get together and pick out a tree they feel would make the perfect addition to their yard. Neighbors can also join forces and volunteer their street to be lined with green – if eligible, someone from the company would have to assess the situation to see if it meets the company’s criteria. To give you an idea of what to expect, neighbors and yard owners would be required to sign an agreement stating they would water them for at least five years, which also happens to be the most important times of a tree’s life.

Tips on keeping baby trees alive and thriving include checking its water needs at least once a week. Stick your finger in the soil to see if it’s moist – if it’s dry then be sure to add up to eight gallons of water! If the soil happens to be moist, you can hold off on watering until the next week.

Find out how you can plant a tree in Los Angeles, here!

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