Is The New Ban On Vaping And Smoking Pot The Breath Of Fresh Air LA Needs?

By Malia Wooten

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors updated the county’s legal definition of “smoke” and “smoking.”

Good luck on trying to get a quick buzz in the parking lot before heading over to the beach… or most places in L.A. county for that matter. [Featured photo courtesy of Black Note]

L.A’s Board of Supervisors updated the county’s rules in regards to the public consumption of vape pens and marijuana. The existing and expanding ban on the use of tobacco products at beaches, parks, and government buildings now includes the use of cigarettes and recreational pot.

Yup – this means that there are new restrictions on smoking of any kind in parking lots/garages, bus stops, outdoor bars, and golf courses. California has been recognized around the globe as “smoke-free” zone when it comes to cigarettes, but for most, when you think of a waterfront doobie – Los Angeles is the city that comes to mind. Looks like you’re gonna have to take a hit at home before Ubering to the bonfire if having a puff is essential.

This counts as the first major policy change on cannabis since its legalization by California voters back in 2016.

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