How The ‘City Of Champions’ Celebrated The Dodgers’ World Series Win

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How The ‘City Of Champions’ Celebrated The Dodgers’ World Series Win

A joyous moment for the city.

After a rough year of fires and a pandemic, Angelenos have been given a temporary antidote to it all and a major cause for celebration. This isn’t the first win this month either, the Lakers won the NBA Championships and now the Boys in Blue have brought home the World Series trophy for the first time in 32 years. As expected the excitement took over and the skies were filled with illegal fireworks, unlawful street gatherings and honking became the celebratory roar for the night. [Featured Image: @micshots]

So, in case you missed it, here’s what went in L.A. last night.

1. An Entire House Was Graffitied And Unveiled

Local artist Hector “Tetris” Arias (and serious sports enthusiast) has painted yet another house in honor of a major sporting team. Admittedly this was preempted but nonetheless, it’s a beautiful display of pride along with his now-famous Lakers House. The Dodger House is located on Rowan Avenue and 3rd Street if you’d like to visit it. Don’t forget to tag the artist.

2. SoFi Stadium Took Their Lighting Displays To New Levels

Along with all the usual landmarks lighting up blue, the SoFi Stadium also added a blue glow to the city but with a fancy message over the top of the venue.

3. The L.A. Skies Lit Up Like It Was New Year’s Eve

Along with twinkling city lights, there were showers of fireworks taking off every second. While most of them were illegal it still created quite the show for flyers.

4. There Were Plenty Of Tire Burnouts

5. Meet The ‘Boy In Blue’

The Blue Boy at the Huntington library showed support for the Boys in Blue.  Thomas Gainsborough’s full-length portrait in oil geared up with a Dodgers hat for the occasion.

6. The Streets Were Lit

The fireworks illuminated every street in the city. Right now in LA, I LOVE MY HOME. Excuse my voice bitch it’s been 33 yrs #Dodgers 🍾🍾💙💙💙 pic.twitter.com/eqjytzfB5K

Of course, there were unlawful gatherings that involved a few bottles of champagne.

There was endless honking and cheering in the streets, but it was eventually brought to an end by law enforcers.

7. This Legend Did The Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’ Challenge

Stand up comic and writer Todd Munson took to the streets and celebrated with a ‘breakfast of champions’ on his skateboard.

8.  Fans Cheered On From A Distance

The giant screens showing the games at the Dodger stadium Drive-In were big enough for fans to watch the action and cheer from a safe distance.

9. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele Decided To Give Everyone Free Coffee To Cure The Hangover

If you got a little carried away with the celebrations, you can always head to L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele for a free coffee.

10. The City Bled Blue

Anything and everything turned blue for the occasion.


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