The City Is Holding A $70,000 Competition To Find The Safest Driver In L.A.

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The City Is Holding A $70,000 Competition To Find The Safest Driver In L.A.

Time to thank your mom for all her backseat driving because L.A. is awarding a big lump sum to the safest driver in L.A!

This summer your great driving skills could land you a pretty hefty check. The city of Los Angeles is holding an eight-week long competition to find the safest driver in Southern California.

The contest will score you on your sound skillfulness behind the wheel. To participate, contestants will need to download an app to their smartphone which will run automatically; activating based on phone movement and deactivating when the phone is turned off. Using mobile telematics, the app will track five key measures: speed, acceleration, braking, distraction, and cornering. Each trip made by the driver has the possibility of scoring 100 points.

The prizes include $20,000 for the Safest Overall Driver, $10,000 for the safest Military/Veteran Driver and $7,500 for the Least Distracted Driver (so, if you’re reading this while driving – count yourself out.) Be sure to have your apps ready before the start date on Monday, June 3 and expect the competition to run through the end of July.

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