A New Lakers Mural Featuring Kobe Bryant Has Appeared In Mid-City

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Kobe Bryant’s silhouette appeared above a Lakers mural after their 2020 NBA win.

A huge purple and gold mural outside of Bixby Coffee Company on Venice Boulevard was completed in honor of Los Angeles Lakers’ title 17th NBA win. The mural features the current team with Anthony Davis and LeBron James in the center, and Kobe Bryant perched above them holding the trophy while gazing down with a smile. Behind the team, demonstrators are holding up signs that read “Vote,” “Education is Power” and “Justice Now.” Above that, in bold letters, a message entitling the mural reads “Leave A Legacy,” sending a powerful message and reflecting the community’s sentiments. [Featured Image: @kobemurals]

The work created by muralist Gustavo Zermeño Jr (@gz.jr on Instagram) and flaxworx, can be interpreted as a symbol of power in community and how a joint effort for change can have a lasting impact. Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing has spurred the team on during this unsettling year, with players sporting Black Mamba Jersey and yelling “Mamba on three” during huddles throughout the playoffs. Along with that, it evokes a sense of pride and passion for LA and the game that connects us all, regardless of our differences.

Beyond that, it expresses the joy of finally being able to celebrate something on the West Coast after a turbulent year with an ongoing pandemic and the worst wildfires on record.

5522 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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