Students Feeling Anxious Or Afraid Because Of COVID-19 Can Call LAUSD’s New Hotline

By Malia Wooten

The Los Angeles Unified School District has launched a mental hotline to help students and their families through these difficult times.

If you’ve been experiencing unpleasant feelings due to the pandemic, you’re not alone. In an effort to help school communities across the nation, LAUSD is doing its best to extend its services so that students and families can speak to counselors and mental health professionals while campuses remain closed.

The hotline is available Monday through Friday from 6a to 6p; both English and Spanish speaking counselors and mental health professionals will be available to help manage fear, anxiety, and any other challenges that may be coming to surface amid the novel outbreak. Teachers are also encouraged to call the hotline for advice on how to connect their students to services.

“The absence from school creates hardship – loss of stability and friendships, loss of learning and loss of a big part of our students’ social safety net,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said in the district’s press realease. “Their world has been turned upside down and we need to make sure students have the support they need.”

The COVID-19 hotline phone number is 213-241-3840. Questions can also be sent to mentalhealth@lausd.net.

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