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Learn How To Brew Your Own Bewitching Don Julio Cocktails This Halloween

By Malia Wooten

It wouldn’t be a Halloween bash without a couple of spirits 👻🥃…

Brew something in the kitchen that everyone can enjoy this Halloween! If you can’t muster up the courage – or just want to relive the scares of L.A’s haunted cocktail soirée – host your own macabre experience with the help of a few on Don Julio’s most sinister cocktails. Summon the tastiest of spirits with a Black Magic Margarita or bewitch your guests with a Salud!

The Black Magic Margarita has the perfect combination of ingredients to keep even the most wicked of guests happy. All you’ll need to combine is 1.5oz of Tequila Don Julio with .75oz fresh lime juice, .5oz agave nectar, and a bit of activated charcoal to achieve that dark hue. The final step is to shake it all together before pouring the drink over ice into your most festive goblet.

As for brewing up a Salud, you’ll need to mix 1.5oz of Don Julio tequila, 1oz fresh grapefruit juice, .5oz fresh lime juice, .5oz agave nectar, and a touch of rosé. It never hurts to go the extra mile by choosing to spice up your cocktail with morbid decor —like eyeballs or slices of fingers, if you dare. The macabre prop possibilities are endless!

If you haven’t experienced Halloween’s most peculiar treat, don’t miss your chance to attend the most spine-chilling event in town this season!

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