The Sun’s Rays “Unlock” This Seaside Keyhole Only Twice A Year • Light Gate

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The Sun’s Rays “Unlock” This Seaside Keyhole Only Twice A Year • Light Gate

This Manhattan Beach gem is “unlocked” by the sun only twice a year.

There’s nothing quite like the joy you get from catching the sunset along the ocean’s horizon. However, witnessing the enchantment of the sun setting perfectly through the Light Gate portal is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Back in 2012, Mags Harries and Lajos Héder were chosen amongst 160 artists who submitted their ideas to the city of Manhatten Beach, in hopes to be selected as the public installation that would celebrate the city’s centennial. The piece was brought to life in 2015 and has since received a colorful restoration.


The Light Gate “refresh” features five glass panels of decorative glass that shift in color through transmitted and reflective light rays from the sun. Bystanders will see the different colors depending on the viewing angle and time of day. The sculpture stands 15 feet tall and is held together by a metal frame that borders the perfect keyhole cut out, big enough for an adult to walk through, right in its center.


Though you can catch glimpses of its beauty throughout the year, the truly spectacular moments that draw most locals to this unique work of art only occur twice within a calendar year; beachgoers can catch the sunset shining perfectly through the hole on January 27th and November 14.

The city of Manhattan Beach is hosting a re-dedication for the sculpture’s update on November 14 at sunset, which just so happens to be the last chance to spot LA’s only cosmic key unlocking this truly remarkable landmark in 2019.

Location: Highland Ave & 14th St, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. See it on Google maps.

featured photo by @lovepenny4

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