Hey ’90s Babies – A Lisa Frank Hotel Is Popping Up In DTLA This Month!

By Malia Wooten

It’s finally time to break out all your giant easer heads!

The year has been filled with a handful of nostalgic affairs popping up around the city, but this particular whimsical throwback may have just hit us differently. Lisa Frank is taking over a penthouse in Downtown and you can try to book is this Friday, October 11th through Hotels.com!

📸: Hotels.com

Since the Lisa Lank Flat is just one room, it doesn’t technically count as being a hotel – this means that only the fastest of fans will be able to snag a reservation to every ’90s kids dream-come-true of a penthouse! Assuming that you’re one of them, prepare yourself to shed a sparkling penny because the room is set at $199 a night for dates from October 11 through October 27.

📸: Hotels.com

By the looks of the website, the spacious Barsala penthouse explodes with Lisa Frank’s iconic technicolor features, dazzlingly tacky prints and playful animal characters… and to be honest, we’re pretty much convinced that this room is a portal to a direct scene of our favorite childhood notebook. Whether you lose it over the rainbow canopy bed, aquatic-themed bathroom, or complimentary mini-bar and popular 2000s sugary snacks – just please, PLEASE, remember to take pictures!

📸: Hotels.com
📸: Hotels.com
📸: Hotels.com

Live your best life at the Lisa Frank hotel, here!

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