20 Wonderful Places To Order Takeouts And Deliveries From In L.A.

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20 Wonderful Places To Order Takeouts And Deliveries From In L.A.

Support local businesses by enjoying these drool-worthy offerings at home.

The vibrant hospitality scene in L.A. is undoubtedly one of the city’s greatest assets. It adds a rich and complex dynamic that unites West Coast melting. Whether it’s the street food tacos, incredible Oaxacan food, mindboggling micheviches or high-end sushi, the lives of Angelenos just wouldn’t be the same without these passionate culinary creators. With the new L.A. County order goes into effect ceasing all in-person dining, the best way to make sure these businesses are here tomorrow is to enjoy their offerings as takeouts and deliveries. So, we asked our Secret L.A. readers to name some of their favorite local restaurants, bars and wineries.

Here are 20 wonderful restaurants, cafes and bars that you can help stay in business by ordering takeouts and deliveries:

1. Hinano Café

This Venice shop has been serving up scrumptious burgers since 1969. It’s the kind of low-key L.A. institution that binds the community. Let’s keep it going!


2. Sage

There’s honestly never been a greater time to be a vegan and Sage is just more proof of that. If you want to enjoy all your hearty classics without the ‘beast’ (or heart attack) and made with produce from the company’s own farm, look no further. From homemade cashew cheesecake with chocolate, espresso or strawberry to the ‘pulled pork’ sandwiches or delicious burrito options, you’ll have plenty of reasons to return. You can also help them help families in need by adding “support and feed” to your order.


3. Beverly Hills Kosher Thai

Niche businesses need more support than ever during these uncertain times. It helps when that niche is actually an unsuspecting explosion of Thai flavors that would appeal to anyone though.


4. Great White

Wholesome California-style fare centered around sustainably-sourced produce from local farmer’s markets? Yes, please! Ordering from this Venice spot is the ultimate in light, feel-good food. You can start your day with delectable offerings like banana bread with whipped honeycomb butter topped with Maldon sea salt or a breakfast burrito. Then tuck into a wood-fired pizza for practically any other meal of the day.


5. Crossroads

Sinfully good creations that will make you want to hand over every penny for a taste of literally any of the plant-based dishes at this establishment. Inventive flavor combinations with a side of dinner table theatre are the sort of things you’ll want to come back to after the new order is lifted. So it makes sense to support them while still enjoying the food in the meantime.


6. Bulletproof Café

If you’re looking for your usual caffeine fix with an injection of energy-boosting oils or grass-fed butter then this cafe has nailed the bulletproof coffee trend beautifully. There’s also a selection of healthy bowls and pastries if you’re not so keen on a liquid breakfast.

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7. Hill Street LA

Great modern American cuisine and a range of excellent cocktails-to-go at very affordable prices.

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8. Eagle Rock Kitchen

Fill up on tasty Filipino plates, elaborate beverages or enjoy breakfast any time of the day at this humble eatery. You’ll find a stunning balance of flavor and nourishment here. Don’t miss out on trying their Beef Tadyang either.


9. The White Harte Pub

Hearty meals and an excellent selection of wine is a combination that can cure all anxiety. As far as pub food goes, you’ll struggle to fault the dishes here. The fish and chips are a must, but there’s a great choice of vegan options too.


10. Seven Grand

Seven Grand helped reignite the Downtown scene with generous cocktails a cigar patio, a secret bar and a focus on Japanese whiskey. If you like your take your spirits seriously then the 120 varieties of international and local whiskeys may be of interest to you.

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11. Cascabel

You can’t go wrong with the modern Mexican cuisine from this gem. You’ll find signature dishes featuring rattlesnake and a variety of chile peppers. You can order a range of classics from ceviche, flautas and tacos to branzino. The cocktails or worth looking into too.


12. Yuko

This urban oasis in DTLA (and two other locations) serves up delicious Japanese comfort food that’s easy on the wallet and impossible to ever get sick of. Read more about it here.


13. Sugarfish

Sugarfish started as a small gem in The Valley and has since expanded into eight different locations across the city. When that happens your mind immediately draws up an inversely proportional graph where the size of the business goes up and quality goes down. However, that doesn’t apply when it comes to this sushi empire. Chef Nozawa has gone to great lengths to ensure every bite meets only the highest standards and it comes at a reasonable price too.


14. Figtree Venice

New American offerings that are as equal parts healthy and delicious. It’s the kind of Venice boardwalk option where you come for the quality coffee and land up staying for the calamari.


15. Rosenthal Winery

If you’d like a taste of wines made from grapes grown 1,400 feet up into the hills of Malibu, then you can stock up on bottles of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc from the lovely Rosenthal winery.


16. Claudine Kitchen & Bakeshop

This is where culinary collaboration comes to life. This half bakery, half kitchen gem comes together to create a full menu of scrumptious with a food focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients.


17. Bagels & Brew

Famous for their technicolor unicorn bagels, this little O.C. shop offers practically anything you could want, from salads to great coffee—and bagels, of course.


18. Collaborative Coffee Bar

Calling all Lakewood coffee lovers! These roasters could easily become the sole reason you wake up in the morning, serving delicious brews and pastries to the community.

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18. Birria la Tijuana

If you’re the kind of person that can eat tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner then you’ll want to know about these $1 beauties.

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20. Prime Philly

When you’re craving the Philly classic but can’t travel to the East Coast, here is your solution.


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Featured Image: Sugarfish via Instagram

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