Marvel Fan Hospitalized From Crying Hysterically After ‘Avengers: Endgame’

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Marvel Fan Hospitalized From Crying Hysterically After ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Look… we get it.

For those of us who got the chance to catch Avengers: End Game in theaters this past weekend – we understand why megafans around the world are #shook. But for one mega-fan in particular, the movie’s cinematic highs and lows were enough to send her to the hospital.

It was reported that 21-year-old Xiaoli of Ningbo, China was hospitalized after breaking out into uncontrollable tears while watching the saga finale at her local movie theater. Xiaoli became so inconsolable that it became difficult for her to gather air – people became extremely concered once she started exhibiting symptoms of hyperventilation. She was evacuated from the theater and taken to a hospital nearby and given oxygen to help relax her emotions by appeasement.

Xiaoli isn’t the only Marvel lover with emotions running high. The internet began attacking NFL running back LeSean McCoy after he tweeted about the ending of Endgame. A day after McCoy’s internet drama, a video went viral of a student punching his classmate in the face for spoiling the movie before he got to see it.

Goes to say how serious people feel about the 10-year-long Avengers saga… but in all honesty, don’t you movie spoilers have anything better to do?

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