Here Are Some Charming Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Anyone’s Day

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Here Are Some Charming Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Anyone’s Day

You can still celebrate the number one woman in your life from afar.

By now we’ve all got the hang of Zoom calls and Houseparty games so those are obvious means of getting in touch and spending time “together.” To surprise someone nowadays, you are now competing with the likes of car parades, drones delivering flowers or celebrities making direct video calls. It’s tough out there for gifters. So, why not take the pressure off and settle for some lockdown-adjusted classics that will tug at all the heartstrings and deliver a few creature comforts this Mother’s Day?

Give her an insanely beautiful bouquet and go on a virtual picnic together

Okay, so it may be a cliche but honestly, Floom’s arrangements are more like art—and you can get same-day delivery if you order before 12pm. They partner with all the best local artisanal florists (so they do all the admin for you) and you’re always guaranteed to get a completely unique bouquet. It’s also a way of bringing a little spring indoors at a time when everyone is about ready to face plant into nature of any kind right now. You can even purchase groceries or stunning little hampers so you can schedule a time to have a virtual picnic together.

Here are a few other incredible florists for you to try out

Get her a free ticket to a live candlelight concert

Candlelight concerts represent a beautiful combination of artistic talent and stunning aesthetics. A curated list of talented musicians will play classical music in room filled with candle lights. While these normally take place in incredible locations, the live-streaming editions are nothing short of magical. The best part is it’s absolutely free, you just need to book a space here.

Watch a film or documentary together using Netflix Party (it’s free)

Assuming you have Netflix—which is basically essential in today’s world—and depending on how savvy your mom is, this may require that torturous call beforehand where you try and explain how to get everything downloaded and installed. But, once you’ve got that in place you can start watching your favorite film together at exactly the same time. Why not try the new Michelle Obama documentary or do a Gilmore Girls marathon?

Gift her with a beautiful face-covering to wear over her mask

This amazing local brand gives you the opportunity to gift her with something as unique as she is. It also makes wearing the clinical protective gear underneath a little more enticing, and even adds a layer of protection itself.

Join a wine club and host a virtual wine tasting experience

Nothing makes it easier to get through uncertain times like a good vintage and the sweet taste of the sunny outdoors. Vinebox delivers that in the form of 9 wines by the glass, every 3 months to keep your palate fresh and satisfied. You can customize everything from the length of the subscription to a little note that goes with it. Every season there’s a different focus for the wines, but it will always include the wines you should be drinking. It’s not quite the sommelier experience, but you can save that for the day you manage to cash in your sanitizer surplus.

Turn her into a plant mom

Have these beautiful plants delivered to her, or, if you’ve missed the boat on shipping, why not get her a gift card or an online workshop to learn how to multiply any of her own leafy beauties? That way your gesture won’t land up being the decomposing confetti that will get swept up and thrown away in a little less than a week. Also, who doesn’t want to turn their home into a jungle right now?

Featured image: Floom

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