Bird Is Releasing A New $1,300 Electric Scooter In Los Angeles

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Bird Is Releasing A New $1,300 Electric Scooter In Los Angeles

The Santa Monica-based electric scooter company is coming out with a new dockless scooter that costs a pretty penny.

If you see someone a bird scooter that matches their iPhone, it’s probably because they’re riding Bird’s latest model – Bird One. The company is marketing its recent drop as a more durable scooter with longer battery life and range than the brand’s previous models. These bad bays plan on cruising to the Los Angeles market first so you may begin to see them rolling down the streets as early as this week.

Bird Ones will also be available to purchase, but don’t expect to shed out anything less than an arm and a leg – they’ll be selling at a whopping $1,299 before tax and delivery fees. Preorders are currently open for the sleek new scooter which will be available in black, white, and rose gold. Founder and CEO Travis VanderZanden told the Los Angeles Times that the developed model is “by far the sexiest scooter on the market.”

The Bird One comes with GPS tracking, access to Bird service centers, a one-year warranty, and a “digital lock.” Owners will also have access to the Bird Hunter Network which is a group of contractors trained to locate and recover missing scooters… though it’s not clear as to how the Bird Hunters would deal with a thief. Given that the first-generation scooters tend to last about three months on average, it is said that Bird Zero scooters will last around 10 months on average in the sharing environment.

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