Here’s A Sneak Peak Of Universal’s Revamped “Jurassic Park” Ride

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Here’s A Sneak Peak Of Universal’s Revamped “Jurassic Park” Ride

Things just got real…

If you haven’t heard about the 90s classic Jurassic Park, then you’ve obviously been living under a fossil rock your entire existence.

Whether you’ve been a fan since the 20th century or just hopped on the raft back in 2018 – you’ve probably taken a trip to Universal Studios to ride the VERY popular attraction dedicated to dinosaur and rollercoaster lovers alike! Sadly, the iconic ride saw its last days before closing last September.

Don’t get sad just yet because the Hollywood theme park has a colossal treat in store for Summer 2019… see for yourself!

The new ride will feature an original storyline, taking place at “Jurassic World” on the day that the Indominus Rex suddenly escapes, suddenly turning visitors from spectators to prey.

Everything from the iconic Jurassic World gates to the dino-informative queue-line videos will be redesigned and “dramatically enhanced,” creating an all-new feel for the thrilling expedition ahead.

For those of you who are wondering about all the rides classic features that you’ve grown to love over the years, expect the same 84-foot waterfall drop, just picture it to be wayyy more intense!

You’ll even have the chance to see the infamous aquatic dino Mosasaurus from the film, which will “mesmerize onlookers in her natural habitat behind a three million gallon glass encased Aquarium Observatory tank.”

Jurassic World – The Ride begins boarding sometime this summer! Find out more information about the new attraction, here.

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