HGTV Bought ‘The Brady Bunch’ House And The Entire Cast Reunited

The Brandy Bunch home is about to receive an HGTV makeover! 🏠

Back in August, HGTV Network purchased the infamous Studio City home which is known across the country as the Brady house.

The show was filmed on a soundstage so viewers only got to see the exterior of the beloved family home in episodes. Leave it to none other than the network known for marvelous home renovations to reimagine the interior for a new television show following the restoration to its 1970s glory!

Though the official price of the house is unknown, ‘N Sync star Lance Bass thought that he was walking away with the property until he got news that he had been outbid. There weren’t any hard feelings though – Lance made sure to take to twitter to clear the air.

Earlier this week the Brady kids got together for a reunion to shoot promos in front of the home which will be used when the show is officially announced.

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