Take A Trip Back In Time To The Retro Replica Of The Original In-N-Out In Baldwin Park

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Take A Trip Back In Time To The Retro Replica Of The Original In-N-Out In Baldwin Park

Featured Image: @thenoahbaker via Instagram

Calling all sentimental fans with an appetite for hamburger history.

Hop in your car and take a trip back in time to the adorable, a retro replica of the original In-N-Out in Baldwin Park. The 10 square feet red and white cube at Francisquito and Garvey pays homage to Harry Snyder’s first stand where he first introduced California to the freshest hamburgers back in 1948. He woke up before dawn every day to visit food markets and picked out only the freshest ingredients for each handmade burger, according to In-N-Out’s website.

The menu of made-to-order burgers, fries and drinks that In-N-Out worshipers love today, is prepared and served in the same classic style guests have been enjoying since its inception.

Snyder’s original stand lasted six young years until the 10 freeway forced him to relocate down the road. That shiny new spot lasted 50 years until it closed down opened up just over the freeway overpass—but that was shut down too. It was eventually demolished in 2011 and in 2014 this gorgeous replica was built in its honor.

At this pristine drive-through, with its classic early 50s design aesthetic, you’ll find unbelievable details and little touches that make it all feel so real you can almost smell the fries being made. From the signposts outside with the simple four-item menu (with a cheeseburger being the priciest at 30 cents) to the potato dicer and washing station, you’ll have plenty to marvel at. There are even some old photos to peruse and vintage appliances that you’ll wish you could take home with you.

Of course, drive-throughs were things of beautiful convenience that you won’t find into today’s world. Like a handy cigarette machine. This humbly sized stand usually has a member of staff (hat and all) ready to take your order and run through your secret menu list with you. But this is all just for fun. To tuck into a real burger you’ll need to head to the actual in-N-out restaurant further down the road.

To take this nostalgic trip and experience this bit of In-N-Out history for viewing and photos, you can go from Thursday to Sunday between 11 am to 2 pm at 13752 Francisquito Avenue, Baldwin Park, CA 91706.

Note: the impacts of COVID-19 may affect the usual operating times

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