A Viral LA-Based Instagram Account Has Released An Actual Newspaper

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

A Viral LA-Based Instagram Account Has Released An Actual Newspaper

We know what you’re thinking: who reads the newspaper anymore?

Before you write off the idea of an IG-turned-newspaper, let us explain…

As you may already know, Millenials have a natural gift of making things “cool” again – and for the first time ever, the viral Instagram account @OverheardLA is releasing a physical newspaper called the Overheard Post. Over 7,500 copies have been distributed throughout the city’s most prominent coffee shops and eateries – and the best part is you can grab a copy for free… you just have to find them first.

If you follow the account on Instagram, then you probably already know where to pick one up seeing as their IG story namedrops the whereabouts of the pop-up stands like Aflred’s Tea and The Butchers Daughter. Besides, you never know when you may run across a modern-day “newsie” who will be handing out newspapers from a Jump scooter! (We’re not being sarcastic, keep your eyes peeled!)

Overheard Post exhibits the kind of humor that will have you smiling for the rest of the day! From obituaries for things that have recently been killed in pop culture like plastic straws to a “millennial weather report” painting the picture of how Angelenos become when the temperature changes, you’re going to wish you were on social media so that can tag your friends or repost.

Stay up to date with Los Angeles stocks including Juul, oat milk, and “vibes,” while browsing through all of the #ads including partners like Bumble and Pop Chips.

Jesse Margolis, the founder of the viral “overheard” accounts, told AdWeek that the newspaper is “kind of ridiculous, but in the best way.” The company is looking to release and a new batch of papers every quarter and may even consider launching Overheard Posts in other markets where it has an Instagram presence, like San Fransisco and New York City.

β€œWhat’s interesting about the world we live in now, if you do something somewhere, if you do something that resonates on Twitter or Snapchat or YouTube and you plant a little flag online, you actually do have the opportunity to then do other things,” say Margolis.

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