It’s Official – Pet Stores In California Can Only Sell Rescued Animals

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It’s Official – Pet Stores In California Can Only Sell Rescued Animals

New year, new law! 🐢🐱

California came into 2019 as the first state to ban pet stores from selling commercially bred pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits!

The law passed back in October 2017 but just took effect this year. Ultimately, we can say “Hasta la vista” to the business of puppy mills and kitten factories which are notorious for breeding animals under unacceptable conditions.

Los Angeles pet stores are required to develop cooperative agreements with at least one public and/or private animal shelter in the city. Animals get relocated from the shelters based on the environment of the pet store and if they can accommodate the fur baby’s needs accordingly. Elderly pets or ones with medical issues are more likely to stay at the shelter or at a foster home.

A fact sheet for the legislation (A.B. 485) states that California is targeting controversial breeding facilities that β€œhouse animals in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate food, water, socialization or veterinary care.” Most cities in Southern California have already had the restriction of unlicensed breeding in place, but the law became statewide on the 1st of the month. Pet store owners who don’t comply could face a penalty of $500 per animal!

Looking for a pet through a private breeder is still legal, though it’s important to get one from a responsible breeder and to ask the essential questions to assure so. Qualities to look for in a reputable breeder include: how many times they produce a litter a year, a passion or purpose for breeding, and knowledge on the genetics & health of the breed.

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