Check Out These Stunning Photos From Outer Space Of California’s Super Bloom

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These eye-popping flowers are out of this world… literally! 🌎

A burst of dense orange fields can be seen from outer space according to the WorldView-2 satellite, owned by DigitalGlobe. In the pictures taken from about 480 miles above the planet you can make out hillsides covered in blooming poppies, also referred to as the ‘Superbloom.’ If you look close enough you can even spot people that resemble dots hiking up hills as well as miles of cars parked nearby. [Featured photos: DigitalGlobe]

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Check out these jaw-dropping photos of the Superblooms that the WorldView-2 managed to capture in Walker Canyon and Lake Elsinore, California.

Normally, these scorched hillsides in Sunny Southern California aren’t considered to be road-trip worthy. Throughout the year the miles colorful flowers seen today, are regularly acres of drab desert scrub. But thanks to a relatively wet winter in Los Angeles, tourists can now take the perfect Instagram selfie of these rare and dazzling patches of orange… even from space!

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