There’s A Rescue In L.A. That Will Let You ‘Rent-A-Dog’ For A Hike Up Runyon Canyon

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There’s A Rescue In L.A. That Will Let You ‘Rent-A-Dog’ For A Hike Up Runyon Canyon

Trust us… renting a dog for a hike isn’t as bad as it sounds.

If you’re familiar with the slopes of Runyon Canyon, it’s more than likely that you’ve seen happy hikers with their excited pups take on the most popular of treks. Not every Angeleno is blessed enough to have a tail-wagging best friend of their own, so why not borrow a four-legged a friend who would equally enjoy the companionship? [Featured photo: @princey_poo_the_pup]

The Original Rescue Dog Hike is a multi-serving non-profit that not only raises money for animal welfare but also gives potential pet parents the opportunity to bond with a handful of adoptable pets! The $45 dollars it costs to essentially rent-a-dog for the afternoon helps to keep the organization running in addition to scoring a group of lucky four-legged (and two-legged) friends the chance to get exercise and socialize. Who doesn’t love a good cause-helping-cause?

Founder Ryan Boyd told Lonely Planet that “scared or traumatized dogs tend to react better outside than when indoors,” explaining that many of the dogs that come in are “somewhat damaged.”

“By taking them out, walking them, and exposing them to lots of different people and other dogs, we have found that they resocialize quickly,” says Boyd. “We have had a number of abused dogs that could not be handled come around and become very adaptable simply through repeated hikes.”

The walks tend to average out at about two hours over the course of a three-mile hike and take place several days a week. Rates depend on the day and time of the hike starting off at $45 dollars and reaching $60 during prime Sunday morning slots.

Learn more about finding your new best friend, here!

Location: 2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. See it on Google maps.
Cost: $45 – $60.

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