Beverly Hills Officially Shuts Down Rodeo Drive

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Beverly Hills Officially Shuts Down Rodeo Drive

The order went into effect on at midnight on Monday.

Businesses and institutions throughout the city continue to temporarily close their doors in an attempt to promote public health and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Beverly Hills City Council adopted an urgency ordinance to close all non-essential retail stores until the city’s local emergency is canceled.

The city council unanimously approved the following:

  • All non-essential retail businesses, including those on Rodeo Drive, shall be closed except for pick up, delivery and certain transactions by appointment.
  • All bars and nightclubs in the City of Beverly Hills that do not serve food shall be closed to the public.
  • Any bars or nightclubs or other businesses in the City of Beverly Hills that serve food may remain open only for purposes of continuing to prepare and offer food to customers via delivery service or to be picked up. Dine-in food service is prohibited.  The City will accommodate parking in front of restaurants to allow for easier access for ‘to-go’ dining.
  • All restaurants and retail food facilities in the City of Beverly Hills shall be prohibited from serving food for consumption on premises including through a self-serve, unwrapped buffet.
  • All movie theaters and live performance venues shall be closed to the public.
  • All gyms and fitness centers shall be closed to the public.
  • All businesses providing physical health and beauty services, including spas, hair salons, massage parlors, and nail salons, that do not provide medical care or services that supplement medical care as directed by medical professionals will be closed to the public except for the purpose of retail sales.
  • All elective medical and surgical procedures, including all elective dental procedures, are prohibited.
  • Moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent by residential tenants and businesses impacted by COVID-19.
  • Temporary suspension of utility shutoffs.
  • Temporary suspension of certain parking regulations.

Monday’s meeting also covered Mayor Mirisch’s initiative to lead a COVID-19 Kindness Task Force that would allow a community of volunteers to assist seniors as well as vulnerable locals. According to an official announcement, Mayor Mirisch says that this is the perfect opportunity for Beverly Hills to do what we do best — care for one another.

“We encourage members of our community to call their friends and loved ones, develop networks and support neighbors. By offering assistance in a safe and responsible way, we demonstrate our resilience as a community and will prevail healthier and stronger. Now more than ever we are Community with a capital “C,” and we will get through this together as a Community.”

If you’re interested in joining the COVID-19 Kindness Task Force, email Keith Sterling at ksterling@beverlyhills.org.

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