This Restaurant In Rosemead Makes Pizza For Dogs And It May Be The Cutest Thing Ever

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This Restaurant In Rosemead Makes Pizza For Dogs And It May Be The Cutest Thing Ever

Yes, pizza for dogs is a thing…

Has the thought ever occurred to you that your dog may crave pizza just as much as you do? The owner of Rose City Pizza, Brian Nittayo, may just be the next dog whisper thanks to his deliciously nutritious creation!

Your good boy may eat it, but it’s probably not the healthiest thing for a doggo to scarf down your pepperoni pie leftovers; think about all that cheese and/or rich toppings that can pose a great danger to your dog. Trust us, we get it… how can you resist when you lock eyes with those big ‘ol puppy eyes as they beg to get in on the action?

Well Angelenos, you’ll be pleased to hear that your four-legged friend can finally join in on the action while you eat one of the earth’s most delicious creations! 

Rose City’s dog pizza is made out of whole wheat, yeast-free crust and is then topped with roasted carrot purée, grilled diced chicken breast, a bit of parsley making it not only edible but also extremely healthy for your pup. You’ can also make special requests and to your order, in case your little angel has any special requirements—or is just plain fussy.

We don’t know about you, but dog pizza is kind of a huge relief! Now we don’t have to feel guilty about the fact that we’re going to pick a pizza and eat the entire thing by ourselves. It wouldn’t be a proper binge if your bestie couldn’t take part in it as well!

You can make your order online and for pickup or find them on DoorDash to have it delivered. They’re currently offering a Quarantine meal which is made up of wings and pizza so you don’t feel left out.

Location: 3588 Rosemead Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770. See it on Google maps.
Hours: Monday-Saturday from 11a-9p / Sundays from 11a-3p & 5p-9p.

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