April Fools! Runyon Canyon Will Become ‘Influencers Only’ On Saturdays This Summer

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April Fools! Runyon Canyon Will Become ‘Influencers Only’ On Saturdays This Summer

If you enjoy weekend hikes, we hate to be the bearer of bad news…

As if the city hasn’t already been overrun by vlog cameras and Insta-worthy photoshoots, it’s looking like Angelenos will have to hand over another beloved gem because of the rise of the internet world.

When it comes to hiking Runyon Canyon, more often than none, you’ll spot a camera and some selfie action taking place – on a busy day you might even catch that one dude from, wait, where’s he from again? A recent ban going into effect this summer may eliminate this constant occurrence completely. The good news: you won’t have to worry about being caught in the background of someone’s video while covered in sweat anymore!

The bad news? The park will be closed to the public on Saturdays and will only be accessible to ‘influencers only.’

We know what you’re thinking… because we’re thinking it too.

What in the actual f…

There’s not much information on how the city approved this stunt or why so many so-called influencers need the park to themselves for an entire day, but one thing we’re sure of is: this Runyon Canyon shutdown is definitely messing with our #SummerBody goals.

We reached out for a statement from Emali Woo, a fashion beauty guru who gained internet fame through her enormously popular YouTube channel, and got a bit of insight on the city’s intentions. “Privacy is a privilege that not everyone is blessed with,” says Woo.

“Things that an ‘everyday person’ gets to enjoy on a whim, like going on a hike, don’t come as easy to people with a large following. I’m actually [really] excited for the new park ban. I’ll finally get to hike and vlog in peace, without people staring at me or asking who I am.”

Welp. You read it here first people. We’ll be sure to update you with more information as this story unfolds. Oh, and by the way…


April Fools!


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