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This Immersive Art Exhibition Will Plunge You Into The Space Between Dreams And Realities

By Malia Wooten

Explore the experiences we collect during our life journeys through art!

Artist Android Jones invites you to take a trip through the unknown realms of human emotions. Samskara is a new multimedia immersive art park with five massive domes that lead you through a spiritual journey of incredible colors and artwork!

Dive into the world of VR while watching a full 360-degree dome-mapping projection with out-of-this-world audio and visual effects. This unique use of technology transports guests to a world where we can learn to connect with the depths of human emotions.

This eye-popping presentation creates the perfect place to relax, zone out, and tap into a captivating mind expedition. There’s even a lounge in the main dome where you can sit back and soak in all your mind-blowing realizations!

Enhance your psychedelic state at the bar or cleanse your soul (and palate) over at a handful of vegan food trucks. Whatever you decide to do – you won’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime outing!

Buy your tickets to Samskara today!

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