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San Diego’s Southern California Fried Chicken Has Made It’s Way To Century City

By Malia Wooten

After a successful run in SD, the well-established fried chicken restaurant is kicking its gear into expansion mode! 🍗

If you like dishes catered to either chicken or eggs, then you’re going to love the San Diego based restaurant that’s showing out at its new Westfield Mall home. The Crack Shack made a move to LA earlier this month and Angelenos can’t stop raving about how delicious the newcomer is.

The delectable free-range chicken is available via bowls, sandwiches, or simply as standalone pieces with sides such as biscuits, milkshakes, deviled eggs, and chicken oysters! Choose to enjoy your meal inside or outdoors on a patio that encourages you to partake in lawn games while enjoying the SoCal sun.

When it comes to drinks, look forward to an abundance of beer, wine, and cocktails that pair perfectly with the restaurants industrial yet sports bar ambiance. Los Angeles sports images can be seen throughout the joint with each recognizable athlete with a chicken head swapped in the place of their face.

Location: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, CA, Los Angeles. See it on Google maps.