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Jupiter Is So Close NASA Says You Can See All Eight Of Its Moons With Binoculars

By Malia Wooten

Stargazers rejoice! ✨🤩💫

You won’t need a fancy telescope to peep all eight of Jupiter’s moons this month (though the view from Griffith Observatory is probably stellar.)

Throughout June, Jupiter will be at its biggest and brightest making planet number five and several of its moons visible to the naked eye! If you catch it at the right time of the day, you may even spot the banded clouds that circle the planet or its iconic red spot.

Really up for an intergalactic show? On June 10, Jupiter will be at opposition meaning Earth will be lined up between Jupiter and the sun.

Thanks to NASA and their Juno Spacecraft which has been circling Jupiter since 2016, we can get all up close and personal with solar system’s largest planet by checking out some of the remarkable images the rover has sent back.

Learn how to scope Jupiter with just a pair of binoculars courtesy of NASA, here!

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