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This Immersive Rendition Of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Will Have You Shouting For Justice

By Malia Wooten

Beware the Ides of March!

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, you’ve got to see this play.

Rome teeters on the brink of civil war as Caesar’s ambition for a crown threatens the stability of the Republic. Through May 11, witness this brilliantly put together play which is considered to be part ghost story, part political murder thriller. This ‘modernized’ version of the classic tale is more relatable than a time period of the 1500s yet still embodies the Shakespearean-tongue that we all know and appreciate.

Ancient Rome comes to vivid life in Independent Shakespeare Co.’s first ever mounting of one of the greatest hits of the Elizabethan stage. And the best part? This pared-down version of the text immerses the audience in the multiplicities of the conspiracy to save Rome and even gives the spectators a voice in the action. What sets this show apart from the rest are the screens onstage encouraging the audience to chime in, making them apart of the performance.

Don’t miss out on this magnificent performance…

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Photos courtesy of Grettel Cortes Photography.

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