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Squirrels Took Over A Santa Monica Park Amid Stay-At-Home Orders

By Malia Wooten

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty adorable.

Just weeks ago Santa Monica parks were filled with humans picnicking, running around, and overall just enjoying unappreciated outdoor time. Flash forward three weekends into Los Angeles’ county-wide shelter-in-place order and beachside park that was once populated by locals is now overrun by squirrels!

TMZ posted footage of a resident catching the furry critters lounging at the park without a care in the world over the weekend of April 5. Not only was the show of attendance pretty nuts, but the squirrels also didn’t seem phased in the slightest bit when the recorder made her way through the crowd.

By the looks of it, the squirrels of L.A. have deemed new territory during the pandemic… who would have ever known that rodents were on the market for prime real estate.

Featured photo: Shutterstock

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