Star Wars Fans Can Try To Catch A Flight On A Decked Out United Airlines Plane

By Malia Wooten

You can now book a flight on United’s Star Wars-themed Boeing 737 plane!

It won’t be traveling at lightspeed, it sure does look pretty cool. United Airlines has teamed up with the nine-film Skywalker saga to celebrate “The Rise of Skywalker” hitting the big screen this December!

The starry jet black Boeing 737-800 took its first flight earlier this month from Houston, Texas all the way to Orlando, Florida and you best believe there was a handful of evil First Order stormtroopers on deck. In true Star Wars fashion, there’s a “light side” of the plane and a “dark side”…

The “light side” of United’s “Star Wars”-themed plane. Photo by United.

The “dark side” of United’s “Star Wars”-themed plane. Photo by United.

The battle between good and evil is evident throughout the plane’s interior as well – the headrests either reflect the symbol of the brave Resistance…

… or the Wicked First Order emblem.

Photo by United.

Passengers will even find Star Wars-themed¬†amenity kits and a commemorative pin waiting for them as they board the plane, which of course, will be playing the film’s iconic soundtrack. Be sure to be on the lookout, because the chances of you getting stuck in the middle seat between a couple of stormtroopers aren’t completely out of this galaxy.

Photo by United.

The plane is flying across the US, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. If you just so happen to have the arrangements to plan a sporadic vacation, you can try and book a seat on the plane by looking up its tail number: N36272.

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