Smorgasburg Vendor Creates Burger With French Fries & Melted Cheese To Raise Money After Robbery

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Smorgasburg Vendor Creates Burger With French Fries & Melted Cheese To Raise Money After Robbery

The beloved vendors are still trying to pick up the pieces after their van was stolen earlier this month.

Last summer, husband and wife Sam and Ashley Augé bought a handful of equipment and an old van to transport/store it all last right before launching their business. By July Super Frites was up and running, soon after becoming a frequently visited vendor known in the foodie community for their triple cooked, traditional Belgian fries and tasty sauces.

Thanks to the cheezy-french fry’s presence on social media as well as its frequently visited booth at DTLA’s ongoing food festival Smorgasburg, Super Frites finally began to make a profit this month. Unfortunately, the Augés ran into a horrible mishap earlier this month which set them back.

On March 1, Sam Augé parked the Super Frites van near his home only to find out that it disappeared overnight. The couple soon after discovered that thieves had stolen their van which essentially carried everything that helped them run their business. San and Ashley will receive insurance money on missing equipment, but since they won’t receive anything for their vehicle the two entrepreneurs launched a GoFundMe account to pay back their debt, replace equipment, and to return to Smorgasburg. In just a matter of weeks, the Super Frites GoFundMe page managed to raise over $11,000.

In even better news, the cheesy fry booth made a comeback over the weekend but this time decided to try something new! Super Frites dished out a scrumptious burger filled with their infamous cheese covered french fries in efforts with rebuilding their company. They call it: The Super Freak! And by the looks of it, not only did they receive a positive outcome from foodies, local vendors like Burgers Never Say Die and Meat and @meatheadbbqla helped put the unique burger together!

Help Super Frites get back on their feet, here!

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