The First Super Nintendo World Is Opening In February And This Sneak Peak Will Blow Your Mind

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The First Super Nintendo World Is Opening In February And This Sneak Peak Will Blow Your Mind

Universal Studios Japan will have the first Super Nintendo World—but Universal Hollywood is next!

Universal Studios Japan has raced ahead with the Super Nintendo World theme park in Osaka, announcing February 4, 2021, as the new opening date. It was initially set to open in spring next year but Executive producer Thomas Geraghty of Universal Creative announced the new date during a press conference within the stone walls of the all-new Bowser Castle. This will be the first of its kind in the world and Hollywood is next.  Along with the news, Universal Studios Japan offered fans a sneak peek on their Youtube channel— and no, that’s not CGI!

The immersive Super Nintendo Land zone is mainly based on the popular Mario game series which first launched in the 80s. There’ll be exciting interactive features, starting with the “Power Up Bands” that will be connected to an app to store virtual coins and keys. Parkgoaers will get to wander around and punch blocks in real life and interact with the surreal environment to earn points.

One of the most anticipated rides is the Mario Kart ride called Koopa’s Challenge which took about 6 years to build. Bloomberg got to take a closer look and the video showcases the intricate details and 4-player cars that come with a fancy AR headset (that looks like a Mario cap) and a control. The ride will feature a mix of AR and projection mapping technology to ensure that each ride is unique.

“Guests will race through the Mushroom Kingdom, steering their way around the track, throwing shells at Koopa Lane, racing alongside Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach,” Geraghty said at the conference.

The park will also feature attractions like Princess Peach’s Castle and Yoshi’s Adventure, in addition to the themed restaurants and merchandise stores that have already opened.

Other main attractions revealed on Monday include Princess Peach’s Castle and Yoshi’s Adventure.

While you’ve probably already looked into flying to Japan early next year, the good news is Universal Hollywood will be next. You can see more updates on it here.

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