This Is Not A Drill! Super Nintendo World At Universal Studios Hollywood Is Underway

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It’s-a really happening!

Just when we thought our theme parks couldn’t get any better, we found out that a Super Nintendo World is planning to set up camp inside of our very own Universal Studios Hollywood! Meaning, gamers of all ages and expertise will get to experience an immersive world created around what may arguably be the most recognized video games in the world.

Though information about the new theme park has been pretty scarce, Universal Core, an account dedicated to industry news, has revealed images of the construction of the park’s exciting new addition. The green wall below is said to be a mountain facade that is being assembled at Falls Lake, according to the account.

Bower’s castle has also arrived at the Hollywood studios and can be seen from the ET parking structure in the post.

A bit of a brick wall facade can be seen over the construction fence with fans speculating that it’s part of Yoshi’s shop.

The mountains are also up!

While there’s no further information about what to expect, Newsweek reports that it will be filled with “incredibly fun rides, shops, a restaurant, and interactive gameplay throughout the land.” If your mind is as blown as ours, wait ’till you watch this video below of ride-testing of some sort in Japan!

Park-goers will also have the option to purchase a “Power Up Band”, equipped with the same technology as the interactive wands at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The bands are designed around the beloved Super Mario Bros characters so get ready to rock wearable versions of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Daisy, and Toad! You can get a sneak-peek of them in the video, below!

The bands will allow visitors to use “their arms, hands, and entire bodies” while exploring the park and also present die-hard gamers the opportunity to collect digital coins, participate in “Key Challenges” and even battle people around them via a smartphone app or Nintendo Switch! (Yes, you’ll be able to punch blocks IRL!) The mobile app will also serve as a go-to source for finding attractions.

As far as rides go, Universal Studios Japan has confirmed that they will have a life-size Mario Kart ride in addition to a more “child-friendly” option based around Mario’s BFF called Yoshi’s Adventures! Other rumored rides include a Mushroom Kingdom as well as both Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle.

If you were sold at “Mario Kart Ride” here’s what you can look forward to. Expect dual tracks that will set up four-person karts to ‘race’ one another alongside your favorite Nintendo characters — be on the lookout for a final showdown against Bowser which will be sure to test your nerves! Apparently augmented reality headsets will be the force bringing the indoor ride to life, while the route will take riders through a series of classic Mario Kart worlds passing like Wario’s Castle and Jungle Parkway.

As to when we can visit West Coast’s very own Super Nintendo World? Pop-Sugar says that the add-on theme park is expected to launch sometime between 2021 and 2022. Folks over in Flordia will have to be patient; Universal Orlando Resort will eventually get a taste of the fun in 2023.

Be sure to check back for updates!

Featured photo: Universal Studios Japan

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