A Look At The Dodger Stadium Voting Experience In L.A.

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A Look At The Dodger Stadium Voting Experience In L.A.

Voters were serenaded by mariachi bands and fed by celebrities at Dodger Stadium.

It’s not often voting becomes one of the most memorable events of the year, but if the pandemic did one thing, it gave us an opportunity to rethink the old approach to exercising our right. This year, instead of heading to a crummy garage, L.A. landmarks were turned into voting centers and were opened in advance of Election day, creating an iconic experience. It encouraged more people to get out to cast their ballots, particularly sports fans and came with surprise appearances, live performances, free food and exclusive merch. Basically, everything Angelenos have been starved of during the pandemic.

Here’s what voting looked like at Dodger Stadium—or the home of the champions!

There were almost no lines on Election Day

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The large stadium opened early for voters giving which meant there were no lines.

There were plenty of machines.

Voting kiosks were spread out across the concourse with plenty of hand sanitizer to make it all safe and socially-distanced.

And, of course, there were beautiful views

Credit: @GenGriebe via Twitter

Voters got a special sticker and they got to take in the incredible view of the diamond from the Top Deck.

Which also created great photo ops

Fans were dressed up in their Dodgers gear and took the opportunity to take snaps, and there couldn’t be a better time after their first World Series win in 32 years.

Celebrities made surprise appearances

Some were lucky enough to get a free chocolate chip cookie handed out by Marisa Tomei on November 1.

Mariachi bands serenaded voters

New U.S. citizens voting for the first time were greeted by wonderful mariachi bands. While some found it confusing, it bought others to tears.

World Central Kitchen gave out free food

Credit: @LaurieDowling via Twitter

Families lined up for delicious plates from the not-for-profit’s food truck with a gorgeous view of L.A. in the backdrop.

George López was spotted and fans picked up jerseys at the team shop

The actor was seen roaming the premises as a fan headed over to the team shop to pick up Casey Blake merchandise.

There was a giant ‘I Voted’ sticker to take photos next to

A great way to encourage more people to take photos, share them and inspire others to do the same.

People said they would do it all over again

The experience was so enjoyable that most voters said they would happily come back and do it all over again. Let’s hope this new tradition sticks around.

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