Taste And Learn All About Pinot Noir At Fever’s Wine Academy Course

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Taste And Learn All About Pinot Noir At Fever’s Wine Academy Course


Impress your friends next time you’re at the dinner table!

Take your knowledge of wine to the next level at this educational experience about Pinot Noir!

An expert wine instructor will walk you through all there is to know about the world of wine, so you’ll leave each class feeling like a true wine connoisseur. (Take that Aunt Rachael!) During class, you’ll be able to taste three different pinot noirs from California while learning to recognize what makes it unique in flavor and how to isolate and identify complex flavor compounds and aromas. And like any passion or hobby, learning about wine provides a number of advantages!

When it comes down to it, there are tons of positives that come in hand with acquiring wine expertise:

  • It will enhance your social experiences! For example, wine is a classic ice-breaker that can be deemed appropriate internationally since it’s made all around the world.
  • Learning about wine will help you gain confidence in choosing what you like when shopping for a bottle.
  • It can help to improve your ability to taste and smell!

Join the first-ever Fever hosted Wine Academy session this Thursday, January 17 at Pali Wine Co. The class is an hour long, and of course, you must be 21 and over to participate. Trust us when we say that you seem like the coolest person in the room next time you’re surrounded by people who just drink wine, instead of truly taste it!

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