The Mayor Says To Stop Hoarding Because The City Has “Plenty Of Food”

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The Mayor Says To Stop Hoarding Because The City Has “Plenty Of Food”

“We don’t just have food for days or weeks, but for months and that will continue unabated.”

And just when most of us thought that we’d never have toilet paper in our homes again, Mayor Eric Garcetti has informed the city that despite what your local grocery store looks like, the city has got plenty of food.

Earlier this morning, Garcetti rallied up a group of local grocery store representatives to address the public’s concern about shortages as well as explain the dangers of hoarding during the spread of the coronavirus. He explains that shoppers are seeing empty shelves due to an influx of people buying in bulk combined with stores not having enough time to restock.

He also reminds locals that hoarding food and supplies will reap consequences for Angelenos who are vulnerable to the coronavirus. Garcetti says that there’s plenty of food, toilet paper, and paper towels that will quickly be replenished, but that hand sanitizer will take longer to resupply.

The remote conference, held at a Ralph’s distribution center in Paramount, featured spokespeople from major chains such as Ralphs, Gelson’s, Food 4 Less, Albertsons, and Northgate Market. Mayor Garcetti and the grocery store representatives urge the community to buy responsibly, continue to practice social distancing when shopping, and to let seniors to the front of the line.

Watch the entire conference, here!

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