There’s A Giant ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Chessboard On The Ceiling At Union Station In L.A.

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There’s A Giant ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Chessboard On The Ceiling  At Union Station In L.A.

Netflix’s huge installation will be up until January 11.

Union Station in L.A. is usually packed with commuters, but it’s become eerily quiet since the lockdown. However, the empty ticket hall has become the perfect place for Netflix to set up a giant chessboard installation on the ceiling, giving us a new reason to pay a visit. According to a post by Union Station, the exhibit will only be up until January 11.

If you don’t already know (which is virtually impossible), The Queen’s Gambit is a Netflix Original series that follows the life of a young orphan, Beth Harmon, and her ascension in the male-dominated chess scene. Anya Taylor-Joy gives a brilliant performance in the coming-of-age drama set in the Cold War era. With themes of addiction, a sense of belonging, a passion for chess, along with the impeccable styling and attractive lead, it’s impossible not to love.

Since this has inspired a new interest in the game—according to the  New York Times, a toy company Goliath Games, reported a 1,000 percent increase in sales of chess boards compared with the same period last year—most fans would consider themselves chess buffs to some degree and have been quick to note an error in the setup. A1 is in the lower-left corner, and it should be a black square. Although, this may be all part of the plan to create more conversation around it.

Regardless of the error, the unique historical setting evokes just the right mood of the series and gives the grand room a sense of scale. If you’re stopping by for the Christmas displays, you might as well stop by to judge for yourself.

Visitors will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing. However, if you don’t get around to seeing it, you can always take a closer look at the video above.

Featured Image: Union Station L.A.

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