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The Stinking Rose Serves Over 50 Garlic-Infused Dishes Including Garlic Chardonnay

By Malia Wooten

You know what they say… a clove of garlic a day keeps the vampires away!

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re going to need all the garlic we can get. Luckily The Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills serves up garlic-infused dishes year round and has become the eatery for celebrating the culinary euphoria of garlic. Did you know that the restaurant is named after the pungent herb’s universally known nickname, a term reportedly dating back to Greek and Roman times?

After taking a look at the menu, you’d be surprised how many dishes can be catered around garlic. Order a steak with garlic cloves encapsulated in the meat, a sizzling iron skillet-roasted shrimp drench in garlic butter, or a glass of garlic Chardonnay!

The glitz and glamour of The Stinking Rose aren’t just limited to its specialty cuisine. The restaurant has themed rooms, all with garlicky overtones, that provide guests with a delightful and entertaining dining experience. Choose between rooms modeled as a medieval hideaway in Dracula’s Grotto to a tribute of Hollywood in the eatery’s very own Garlywood!

Location: 55 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. See it on Google maps.

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