This Week’s Prolonged Heat Wave Calls For More Time Indoors

You may want skip out on your jog or hike this weekend due to poor air quality.

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

This Week’s Prolonged Heat Wave Calls For More Time Indoors

An ozone advisory has been issued and is in effect until Sunday!

Not only is the weather going to hit triple digits status this week, the forecast also calls for unhealthy air in Los Angeles through Sunday. If you can’t make it through the weekend without your usual outdoor activities, it’s advised that the best time for them is early in the morning or after sunset when the ozone level will be at their lowest.

When ozone is high in the stratosphere, it can protect humans from harmful ultraviolet radiation. But as temperatures rise more ozone is created in the atmosphere – when it is down and close to the ground, it can kill lung cells. Basically, the high-pressure systems create something called an inversion layer which acts like a lid on the atmosphere, trapping pollution and allowing it to build up to unhealthy concentrates.

So, for the sake of your lungs, lay low this weekend and enjoy life chillin’ like a true So-Cal native.

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