Be On The Look Out For These Tiny Electric 3-Wheelers On L.A. Roads

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Be On The Look Out For These Tiny Electric 3-Wheelers On L.A. Roads

According to data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2017, nearly 90% of people who commuted by car, truck, van, or motorcycle drove alone. 🚗

A new vehicle just arrived in Los Angeles and its nothing close to the form of a matted-out G Wagon. Canadian-based Electra Meccanica is bringing a tiny, three-wheeled, all-electric vehicle to the city, having opened its first and only dealership in Studio City this past Saturday. It’s called the Solo and as the name implies, it is only meant to seat one person.

The goal of this miniature car is to bring awareness of the advantage of single passenger transportation to the public.

The Solo takes up about a quarter of the space of a typical SUV and at first glance, looks like a car until you peep the back and notice it has just one wheel. It’s basically just a fully enclosed motorcycle which is how it has to be registered and insured in California, (you won’t need a motorcycle license, however.) A perk is that it can be parked either parallel or perpendicular, with its back wheel at the curb.

To paint a picture, the $15,000 vehicle has a lot of controls that your average car already has like accelerator and brake pedals and a steering wheel which is placed in the center of the dash since there is only one seat. Plus there’s air conditioning, heated seats, a stereo, a backup camera, trunk space, and though you only need one, two doors. As of right now, there are no airbags installed but the makers say that they will be included in later releases.

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