A Catering Company Called ‘Trap Kitchen’ Is Using Instagram As A Food Delivery App

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

A Catering Company Called ‘Trap Kitchen’ Is Using Instagram As A Food Delivery App

At first glance, you’d never believe that this catering company is run out of a small Compton apartment…

Trap Kitchen is part of a new wave in the food industry; it’s an underground food service that markets their product entirely on IG. In nearly two years, Trap Kitchen has reached over 230,000 followers on Instagram where fans follow daily posts of menu items, the corresponding price, and what number to call.

Seafood Gumbo

You might find servings of seafood gumbo made with king crab legs or half a pineapple with shrimp and vegetables served in the core. Whatever the dish, it’s most likely going to be soul food and it’s probably going to sell out fast.

Trap Gumbo

The story behind the unique food establishment is actually quite captivating! Malachi Jenkins is the mastermind behind Trap Kitchen and decided to make money in a more conventional way after retiring a life affiliated with the Crips and Pirus. After moving to Las Vegas to pursue an education at Le Cordon Blue, Jenkins dropped out after picking up the essential skills because of a high tuition. Jenkins moved back to Los Angeles in 2013 and opened a business with a couple of friends with the goal of feeding their local community in South L.A., a neighborhood that’s infamous for limited access to fresh food.

‘Trap Kitchen; Bangin’ Recipies From Compton’ cookbook

Once the group started cooking out of their apartment, posting onto social media and spreading the word through friends, it was history from then on. Business picked up so well that they began to cater for big names like Snoop Dog, Tyrese, and Martha Stewart! Since, the company has expanded to Portland, Atlanta, and New York City!

Trap Mac ‘n’ Cheese
It’s a new time people, so if you haven’t ordered food from an Instagram food service yet, Trap Kitchen is the place to start. Join the movement here!
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