LAX, Metro Trains And Buses Require Face Coverings Starting Today

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Face coverings will be mandatory on local public transport, at LAX, and on a number of airlines, starting May 11.

All travelers will be required to wear a face mask at Los Angeles International Airport and those using the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority bus and train systems, on Amtrak trains and on the city of Los Angeles DASH, Cityride, and Commuter Express buses. This goes into effect Monday, May 11.

In line with city and county guidance, travelers will need to wear either bandanas, scarves, T-shirts, towels or other fabric materials held in place. The measure is an attempt to keep passengers and staff members safe, particularly as travel begins to increase.

LAX and airlines

“Beginning Monday, May 11, all persons within LAX terminals will be required to wear face coverings,” the airport said in a statement. “This policy is in line with guidance from public health officials and mirrors the City of Los Angeles’ policy regarding the use of face coverings in stores and restaurants.”

LAX requires travelers to wear the face covering throughout the airport journey. “Anyone not wearing a face covering will be asked to put one on,” the statement reads.

While you will be allowed to remove your mask briefly to consume food or beverages, you may be required to adjust or remove face coverings during the security screening process by Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Many airlines also require travelers to wear masks for the duration of the flight such as Spirit, American, Southwest, Alaska Airlines Delta, JetBlue, and United.

Additionally, those that are sick or showing any signs or symptoms should not enter, a six-foot distance from others should be maintained wherever possible and washing hands or using hand sanitizer regularly is advised.


Amtrak services will be denied to customers not wearing facial coverings. This excludes small children who are not able to “maintain a facial covering.”

“To protect customers and employees, all customers in stations and on trains and thruway buses are required to wear a facial covering beginning May 11,” Amtrak announced on its website. As with airports, customers are able to remove masks when eating or drinking in designated areas, or if they are seated with a travel partner and in a private room.

Metro, DASH, Cityride, Commuter Express

In addition to wearing face coverings, travelers are already required to enter and exit buses through the rear door to distance themselves from bus drivers. Plexiglass is in place to further shield drivers.

However, face coverings will not be required for some Metro riders with specific conditions that prevent them from using face coverings, such as difficulty breathing and other underlying health issues.

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