Life Hack To Making A Protective Coronavirus Face Mask At Home

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Life Hack To Making A Protective Coronavirus Face Mask At Home

All you need is a bandanna and two rubber bands!

In a news briefing held on Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Garcetti advised that Angelenos wear a non-medical face covering while performing essential tasks. Since non-medical masks feel like a rare collectible these days, anything that covers your nose and mouth will suffice.

If you’ve managed to grow up in life not knowing how to sew (you’re not alone), check out this quick tutorial on how to make a “no-sew” protective face mask using two items you’re likely to already have at home.

Easy peasy! The best part? If you don’t have these items lying around your home, you can have them delivered to your front door!

Though it may feel a bit strange venturing out on grocery runs wearing a makeshift facial covering, it can potentially contribute to stopping the spread of COVID-19. The idea is to cover your mouth and nose so that droplets infected with the virus have a hard time getting past the barrier of the mask — which in this case is a reusable, washable fabric!

In recent weeks the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention argued that healthy people don’t need face masks while out in public. But as the number of confirmed coronavirus increases, the CDC is forced to revisit its policy in the chance that it needs to be modified to fit current conditions.

Be sure to refrain from purchasing any medical-grade masks so hospitals running low on supplies can easily attain them for staff!

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