Treat Yo’ Self With A Personalized Facial At This New Spa In West Hollywood

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Treat Yo’ Self With A Personalized Facial At This New Spa In West Hollywood

Because you deserve it, boo!

Take a break from your never-ending to-do list and give yourself some well deserved tender loving care. #CleanYouDirtyFace with a variety of personalized masks made with high-quality, all-natural products! And let’s be real, with daily exposure to all that L.A. air and bacteria, combined with your diet and hormones – things can pretty grimy without us even realizing it!

MudbuM gets it, not everyone has the time to shave hours out of their day to “treat themselves” and that’s why they’ve mastered the art of rejuvenating your skin with efficiency and effectiveness! In just 30 minutes licensed estheticians will steam, deep clean, exfoliate, mask, tone and moisturize that beautiful face of yours based on whichever package you prefer!

Choose to tighten, brighten, detox, or refreshen your skin – even venture beyond your comfort zone with MudbuM’s signature 5-point acupressure face massage to help with blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and relaxation. They even offer a package for men!

The best part is that you don’t have shed Kardashian dollars to look and feel good! These facials are affordable so that you can have enough bread to shed on your next facial.

Book your session today, here!

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