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Tyra Banks Plans On Opening A Supermodel-Themed Restaurant In Santa Monica

By Malia Wooten

You’ll be able to visit Modelland later in the year.

Okay, okay – we have just as many questions as you do. But can we start off with the most obvious one… “What!?”

It’s been announced that Tyra Banks is in the works of opening a super-model themed interactive space and restaurant at Santa Monica Place – the outdoor mall located across the street from Third Street Promenade. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be, or eat, like a model – the ticketed attraction intends to be your one-stop-shop. The former America’s Next Top Model host wants to “bring modeling to the masses and expand the definition of beauty.”

There’s not much information on Modelland as of right now, which leaves us to question how much Banks and her team can project this message via the form of food and merchandise. There will be a catwalk, a restaurant, and retail shops, but what is it exactly that will leave visitors with the ultimate model-filled experience? More importantly – what the heck does a “model menu” look like?