Embark On A Virtual Reality Expedition Through Art In Pasadena

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Embark On A Virtual Reality Expedition Through Art In Pasadena

Virtual reality is slowly but surely becoming a new platform for expression.

Between videos games and movie theaters, virtual reality continues to blossom. So it’s only natural that artists are following suit and using VR as a form of creative representation. A new art exhibit called Spatial Reality: Artists Explore at Ayzenberg in Pasadena, is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced giving trips to the museum a whole new feel.

All of the artists are taking different spins on their “pieces,” all of course within the broad definition of VR. The masterpieces range from headsets where you go inside an artistic piece or visit a virtual museum, to augmented reality apps that bring 2D pieces to life. The future is here people!

More than 25 artists have work in the show, which includes VR, AR, and mixed reality (MR) – the overarching category is called “XR,” for extended reality.

Spatial Reality includes 13 headsets that are available for visitors to experience the full VR adventure. The exhibit limits up to 150 people to each time slot a day. Most tickets for the exhibition are free, though you can pay a premium for a VIP experience.

Be sure to catch this out of this world experience before it’s gone! It’s open on the weekends at the Sp[a]ce Gallery from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m and wraps up on October 28.