4 Places Where You Can Watch The Game Of Thrones Season Premiere In L.A.

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4 Places Where You Can Watch The Game Of Thrones Season Premiere In L.A.

The final season premiere of Game Of Thrones airs this Sunday, April 14.

Sure watching the premiere at home would be just as epic, but why not join in on the festivities of GoT lover alike! A handful of bars across the city will be hosting parties in honor of the final season of Game Of Thrones along with themed cocktails and dedicated eats. (And we can all probably agree that after seven seasons of seeing our favorite characters beheaded, poisoned, and torn away from one another – we can use a drink!)

We’ve rallied up a list of places dropping their plans to gear up for winter!

1. Scum and Villainy Cantina

Be prepared to rally your army and summon your dragons because Hollywood’s ‘geek bar’ Scum and Villainy Cantina is transforming into a Game of Thrones haven. All people of the Seven Kingdoms are welcome at Fire and Ice Tavern, an interactive GOT tribute. From April 5th through the 28th, mega fans can witness an immersive experience inspired by Westeros as well as the ultimate clash of ice and fire thanks to the help of Damn Good Shindig. Learn more here.

2. Busby’s East

If you need a little refresher on season seven, then be sure to head over to an earlier screening at Busby’s at 6p. Following the screening will be a costume contest, GoT trivia, as well as some time to chow down on some themed food and drink options. If you got excited about all of the above, then you’re going to jump for joy to hear that fans will be watching the finale on two giant projector screens! Register for the free event through their Eventbrite page!

3. Brennan’s

The pub bar known for its Turtle Races on Thursday nights has already dedicated an entire wall to the Night King and now wants to present die-hard fans with the opportunity to take home a full-size replica of the Iron Throne! Raffle tickets for the throne are $10 a pop, so you better get your hands on before a war breaks out (we all know that everyone wants it!)

4. Thymele Arts

You’ll want to come to this viewing party dressed to impress! From 7:30p to 11p on Sunday, the East Hollywood creative space will be charging a $5 dollar “membership fee” which will include a drink ticket! The winner of the costume contest will take home half of the proceeds. Learn more here!

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