L.A.’s Wildlife Crossing Reaches A Pivotal Milestone With A $1.4 Million Private Donation

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The enormous crossing over the 101 Freeway has entered its final stretch thanks to a generous donation.

The National Wildlife Federation’s #SaveLACougars campaign received an anonymous donation of  $1.4 million, taking the funding to the crucial $18 million-mark. While the total cost of the project is estimated to be a whopping $87 million, reaching this milestone moves the first day of breaking ground to November.

Credit: National Wildlife Federation

Building California’s first freeway for animals was a response to the plight of P-2, L.A.’s endangered celebrity mountain lion that somehow managed to cross the busiest freeways only to be marooned on a city island.  It will act as a lifeline for the cougar facing extinction and reconnect a fragmented ecosystem, according to The National Wildlife Federation. By creating a bridge between the Los Angeles area lions and the Santa Monica Mountains lions, there’s more hope to save the species and with a lower risk of being hit by a speeding car.

This massive bridge will span 10 lanes of the freeway at Liberty Canyon making it the largest of its kind in the world. It will also be designed to support sustain native ecosystems while providing a safe passage for wildlife.

“This crossing will save the local mountain lion population from extinction, stand as a global model for urban wildlife conservation — and show us that it’s possible for a structure of this magnitude to be built in a such a densely populated urban area,” said Beth Pratt, California Executive Director for the National Wildlife Federation and leader of the #SaveLACougars campaign.

To find out more visit https://savelacougars.org/

Featured image: National Wildlife Federation

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