Witches Will Fly Across Ventura Waters For The 3rd Annual ‘Witches Paddle’

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

witches paddle

Sorcerers on SUPs will be brewing up some outdoor fun for Witches Paddle 2021 on October 29.

In California, witches are not limited to brooms as means of transport. Nope, on this stretch of the coast the mystical beings “fly” in on boards, wielding paddles instead of gnarly wands. On the foggy afternoon of October 29, paddleboarders in pointy, black hats, capes and striped stockings will depart from dock “C” of Ventura Harbor.

Credit: Venture Harbor Village

All witches and warlocks on paddleboards or kayaks are invited to leave the cauldrons at home and stir up waves on the Pacific waters. It’s a joyful way to get in the spirit of the spooky season and work up an appetite for the buckets of Halloween candy you’ll tuck into over the rest of the weekend.

Credit: Venture Harbor Village

While water-based holiday celebrations tend to be big during Christmastime, seeing hordes of hovering paddlers on the misty waters is becoming popular around the country. This will be the third annual Witches Paddle for Ventura and the community-organized event draws in tons of spectators. So get out your witchy attire and get ready for a magical time.

If you don’t have your own SUP, you can arrive early and rent a floating “broom” and other equipment from Ventura Boat Rentals. For more information or questions you can get in touch with the organizer at christiemoorhouse@gmail.com.

Featured Image: Christie Moorhouse Real Estate / Facebook

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